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 Why I Write:

        How would you describe a typical 7 year old? What would make a 7 year old smile and excited for life? Well, I had an experience at that age that changed my life forever. It was Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day at my elementary school, where everyone had to write a poem and keep it in their pocket until they had to read it. The student with the best poem would be able to read it on the loudspeaker.

         Well, there I was, chosen by the teacher to read my poem. Not only did she like my poem, but she told me that I should become an author when I grow up; igniting my fire. When my time came to read it over the loudspeaker to hundreds of kids, I stuttered at first, but then surprised myself. I'll never forget that adrenaline that kicked in when I read the rest of it.

           I don't think many things compare to that adrenaline rush you get when you are being HEARD for the first time.  I knew that day, and many days to come, that I aspire to be that author. Over the years, as I've seen other  people publish books, I realized that I don't need to rush to be an author. I am someone who genuinely loves to write; spreading a message for people to interpret in their own ways. That 7 year old in me is proud and will continue to be my motivation, and hopefully someone else's.

                                                                                       -Jane Verdel


                                                                                   Copyright (c) Jane Verdel

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