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The Escape

Stripped. Tied. Chains. Everywhere. Hope gone. If there is a God, can he help me now? Where am I? Where is Tracy (my bff )? What is going on? Why can't I move my lips? Damn, it's tape. On my mouth? Why? Can't see a thing.

All of a sudden, the lights go on, only to confuse me. It seems as though this is my bed room, but I can't remember anything from last night. I don't remember leaving Tracy/s house or going to bed.I feel groggy, wondering how I can be held captive in my own house= where I know where everything is! Idiots.

I realize I am chained to my desk, which I remembered had a bobby pin since I bought it. I move with the chair I'm tied to and nibble on the disgusting-flavored tape on my mouth enough to set my lips free. Once my lips are free I lean toward the bobby pin and remember the batch of crime shows I watched enough to unchain one of my arms by picking the lock with the bobby pin and then eventually am able to free myself.

As I stand up I am wobbly and weak. I was definitely drugged. I force myself to walk to the door and put my ear against it. Suddenly I hear Tracy: " Yea, I drugged and chained your wife. If I can't have you-neither can she! I've loved you since I met you and you are going to do as I say!" She says to my husband, and I hear him. He tries to rationalize with her: "Look, what you are doing is trying to break up a family and marriage - if you stop this craziness I'm sure you'll find someone for yourself."

Tracy: "Shut up!"

I can't believe that my bff is acting like this! She never did before. What set her off??

Me: "Let him go!" There was a big problem before I chimed in. I didn't see that she had a gun. I startled her and she almost shot me but I dodged it, untied my husband and we took the gun from her. Then we call the cops and they mentally evaluate her. Cops: "This was the first of many manic episodes she has had, she's an undiagnosed bipolar 2. Since this is her first offense and no one is seriously hurt, she has to go to a psych ward."

When I visited her in the hospital she told me: "I'm jealous of what you have, I'll never have that especially now. " Me: "We could have all died. Never bring a gun around me again. We have children! Get yourself the proper help and keep getting better. They are going to help you trust me. I'm not holding anything against you. We will get through this when you are better.

[Will she get better and never buy another gun when she gets jealous?]

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