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Fictional Characters Part 1

She looked outside the window. Cold, yet cozy. Why though, can't she enjoy a moment alone? Why is it so easy for her to become attached to the first living being that gives her attention? Loneliness? Neediness? All she knew was that was all she knew.

Is being alone the only experience she will have? "30 flirty and thriving" From that famous movie, "13 Going On 30." Is it possible for one person to live happily ever after? Is there even a book or movie out there that ends with the main character, happy and not in love? Sure there is. But it is not so popular most likely, and that is all she hears growing up.

All she hears growing up is she has to eventually settle down, get married, and have children. But she hasn't gotten the chance to even enjoy her own company yet. And without that, how can she truly ever be happy?

So what is there to do when the dilemma in your life isn't something you can control? She thinks. I'm just going to sit here, alone, cozy, until I'm happy on my own.

So Trudy sat and sat until alone was the only thing she knew...

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