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My Attempt At Creative Non Fiction

Everything is connected. The story in your head when you're the star is all you really pay attention to growing up. You are the protagonist and it is how YOU get through struggles that morphs you into a human being you hope you can deal with. Many people in their early 20s are just finding out who they want to be versus who they are. It's really interesting, actually.

Think about it. How many times do you wish things would happen for you and they happen to everyone you know but not you? Trust that there is a reason you are not getting what you want YET. Maybe you have to deal with something that will help you grow that will PREPARE you.

And I'm not speaking from faith, I'm speaking through experience. I was on a totally different path just a few years ago, but now I'm even more prepared for the unimaginable. Struggle after struggle, you have to use it as a mental toolbox. Luckily for me, I've been through so much already that the hardest parts, unfortunately, already happened. But best BELIEVE my future will be what I make it, and I'll try to make it amazing. World, I'm ready.

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