Hey guys so it's been awhile since I've formally written something. I've been on a writer's block/ pressure-to-be the best in my future career that I forgot how healing it is. I want to dedicate this post to feelings. Growing up I've trained myself to ignore feelings if I "can't deal with it" or can't accept it. That went towards other people and myself. Now that I'm more grown and I understand that ignoring won't make things go away, I've decided to let my voice be therapy to my soul.

That being said, I just need to be open and say it is really nobody's business how you feel unless you want to share it. It is nobody's business to label you in a way that doesn't suit you or in general. You are not born to please people, you are born to make a difference. And really, does who somebody loves, what somebody wears, what somebody wants to do with their lives actually effect you personally? That's a big fat NO.

People's assumptions of you are just that: assumptions. Live your truth. I can't say that enough. Social media has created some of us into actors living a double life. Oh she or he/they may post pictures with friends every day at fancy restaurants but at the same time be too broke to actually afford the food (which is fine since we are all finding our careers, but to show off, you are deceiving people). The people who claim to be friends with you don't contact you but then you get hundreds of "likes" on your pictures. It is a facade that everyone these days puts on. How many out of your Facebook friends will rush to your house if you broke your leg? Seriously, THINK ABOUT IT.

I think we all know this. But it has to be addressed again and again. It is scary to think you may know someone online better than you know your friends. It is not okay that some people feel the need to fake how happy they are. On the opposite spectrum, mental illness is the new fad. Everyone's got something. Let's be real here. Now it's "cool"? Where was all that support when I was in high school?? Anyway, just a rant. I'll try to post more but for now this is all I've got. Be proud to be yourself, but don't use your time to try and trick people- it's a waste of time and not worth it!

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