Why I Love "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist"

Those of you on my social media may have been seeing me post every Sunday about this show. I am not just a fan, and this is not just any show. The whole first season focuses on this, otherwise emotionless, work-first, woman and how she discovers and strengthens different relationships between people after been given a specific gift. This gift allows her to hear people's thoughts through the expression of song. All around her and within the plot line, she finds herself in a never-ending musical.

I have always liked musicals, as I am a big fan of Broadway and acting with song, but this takes a very creative storyline direction. The main character, Zoey, has a father who has been recently diagnosed with PSP, basically someone whos brain cells slowly deteriorate, getting in the way of normal functionality. In the very first episode (a little spoiler) Zoey is very overwhelmed with this new ability and the fact that her dad couldn't communicate anymore. All of a sudden she finds herself seeing her debilitating father singing as if he is healthy and functional. I cried. The emotion behind this scene was so intense.

Even though I spoiled a little bit of it for you, I cannot begin to tell you how important this show is for today. It's nothing like you've ever seen before. It isn't your typical show. It somehow manages to have super funny comic relief, but also deal with the hard emotion. As everyone begins to sing to Zoey, she's understanding more and more that she has been given this gift to help people. In turn, she gains friends and other relationships (no spoiler). The show explores topics that have never been touched before, or at least in that way.

Death, PSP, Suicide, Emotional Affairs, Love: Those are only some of the main topics. We, along with Zoey, learn about true love and what someone would deal with in literally death do you part. Zoey's mom's love for her ill husband is so apparent, and it is so beautiful. You don't see a love like that manifested onto television these days. The show gives you a perspective on all these topics that hasn't been explored yet.

Zoey's Extaordinary Playlist needs to be renewed for a Season 2. I've even rewatched episodes multiple times because I love it so much. I NEVER tend to rewatch shows even if I like them. But this show is simply that amazing. I'd be upset if it wasn't renewed, because it's something we all need to see. Catch up on Hulu! You won't be disappointed. Be ready for the roller coaster of emotions!

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