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Why Mother's Day Can Never Be A Sad Day

It's Mother's Day 2020, and we are all still in quarantine. Some of us with mothers around are simply celebrating and appreciating. Some of us honestly though, are sad. We are at that age now where some of us already have lost our mothers. I was young when I did, but now it's a matter of sickness and just growing old. Some mothers don't make it to experience being grandmothers. Some don't even get to see their kids become adults.

Whatever the case, Mother's Day can never be sad. Why? Because it's never sad to appreciate your mother. It's never sad to look back and remember how blessed you are with your mother whether she is alive or not. I personally, thank my mom all of the time. If anyone has seen my social media, whether or not it is her birthday, or some holiday that I remember she loved, I'm always mentioning her. She is the reason that I know what love is. She pushed through her pain on a constant basis just to provide for her family and support us.

My mom is the reason my entire family came to America. My mom, being sick, still pulled me out when I was in the dark. She, at some point, came into my room when I was 16 years old and slept on my couch just so I wouldn't be alone. You never forget a mother like that. I will never be sad to celebrate a mom like mine. She deserves to be thanked every day for the life she gave my sister and I.

My mother was my best friend, a friend to many, a hard worker, a loving wife, and just an incredible person overall. I hope that she knew how much we appreciated her. I'm sure she did. I spent basically all of my childhood with her. Friends came and went but she was always there to comfort me and tell me everything is going to be okay. If i could be half the mom she was one day, I'd be happy. I'll NEVER forget her, as she is permanently engraved onto my heart and mind. I will NEVER be sad to appreciate her. Mom, I love you. RIP

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