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Project 25

Started off, young and smart

Summers always fun

Going upstate, playing with friends all day

Getting into specialized programs

But then had to endure bullying

Non stop nasty looks

Non stop misunderstandings

Over the years, wondering about self worth

Is it normal to compare yourself to others constantly?

No matter what next step achieved there was always something more

You never finish your goals, you get new ones.

Fast forward to 24.....

Own my own place

Had a job

Pursuing my dreams

Always itching for more.

Is content what we are searching for?

Cause if content is it, I'm there.

But I will never settle for content.

I'm only a project in the making.

25 in two months.

Life is only beginning.

My childhood may have ended,

But my adult life just started.

Excited to see what's next!

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