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Knowing When To Let Go

Are you stuck in a never-ending situation? Have you exhausted all solutions for whatever the problem is? For example, a friend has stopped talking to you and you are reaching out, but are getting no response. If that friend doesn't answer, you don't know what to do with your life. You question: why you? and why now? And you feel like you won't get through life without them. That's where you have to tell yourself (regardless of your beliefs, it's just a saying): let go and let god.

I think the friend scenario is more relatable, but this phrase stretches beyond friendship, it refers to any kind of relationship you have. The phrase "let go and let god" to me, means that you have no control over the situation and you should embrace and accept it. Sometimes it means that if you surrender yourself to the truth of it all, the solution will present itself. In the friend scenario, if that friend decides to talk to you again, great, but if this "friend" decides to "ghost" you and never talk to you again, it's a BLESSING because they just weren't meant to be in your life and you found out sooner than later.

In a relationship scenario, if your partner decides be unfaithful, is abusive, or just in general is not compatible with you, and it takes a really long time for you to accept that you need to let go, you need to do it anyway. Let go and let god. Let GO. You need to understand that this isn't your final destination. This could actually be the beginning of a new future for you. Maybe the "happily ever after" you've been dreaming about does not involve them, and that's okay!

Now, if it is not a friendship or relationship, if it's family or other people you consider close like family to you; maybe you have an estranged or not-so -close relationship with them. If you are expecting more from them than they give you, the advice is still the same: LET GO AND LET GOD. If they want to continue treating you in a way you do not deserve to be treated, you have to let go of the idea that they'll come around.

Whatever relationship you are enduring that is causing you pain, or whatever problem you are facing, if you learn to let go, it won't weigh as much. Learning to let go is not a natural skill; it is learned. You need to learn that if you want to lead a happy life, it has to involve letting go of people, relationships, and grudges. It has to involve knowing what is best for you, and only then, will you be able to move on and live your best life. Challenge yourself with how you handle difficult emotions; that is how you will grow. So, if you are in a situation like any of the above, trust yourself to let it go and continue on!

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