Why "Sweet Magnolias" Is #1 On Netflix (Spoilers included)

Looking for something to watch? I was you. l ran out of shows to watch and everything basically looked predictable and played out. On my Instagram, I happened to be following Jamie Lynn Spears, and she started posting about the new show she's in for weeks. I had to give it a try. All "Zoey 101" fans are probably taking the same leap. They are not disappointed.

Seeing as I watched the show for Jamie, I didn't expect to actually like all the main characters (for the most part) even more than I liked her. So Noreen, Jamie's character, is actually the definition of "homewrecker". The main character, Maddie, has a husband named Bill, who had an affair with Noreen, and got her pregnant. Not only did he get her pregnant, but he left his wife and kids and proposed to her and moved on, BEFORE even getting officially divorced!

The funny thing is, is that the writers of this series don't make Noreen the "bad guy". Noreen is pregnant and wants to create a relationship with Bill and Maddie's kids. She sees this baby and Bill as an opportunity to start a life. She is actually very sweet, and she seems remorseful for the entire situation, seeing as she tries to fit in in this small town. Maddie decides to be nice and cordial, but points out that they can never be friends, and I don't blame her.

(More spoilers ahead)

So if you've watched the entire first season, you'll know that Noreen leaves Bill because she is not happy and doesn't think he loves her. She thinks he only proposed because of the baby, leaving Bill heartbroken and begging Maddie to take him back. My thoughts while watching? Hell no! After all you put her through? No way. Also I was hoping she'd still end up with her new boyfriend, who is also her son's coach, Coach Maddox.

Another thing I like about this show and how different it is, is that it focuses on a trio of middle-aged women and their life-long friendship. While Maddie has been a stay-at-home mom who is going through a divorce, her two best friends, Helen and Dana Sue, decide that they are going to run a business together: an all-girls spa. This spa signifies the rebirth of Maddie as a strong woman who is no longer defined by a man's choices. This business is all about girl power and standing together.

Also, something else that is different is the relationship between the teenagers in the show. For high schoolers, they seem very mature, but at the same time, they don't know what they want. Maddie's son, Tyler, clearly likes Dana Sue's daughter, Annie, but they can't seem to work it out, so they keep seeing other people and looking at each other longingly. At the same time, Tyler's younger brother, Kyle, also likes Annie. And everyone just seems to be with the wrong person.

There are lots of mini plots throughout the show. There are lots of unanswered questions and things I haven't addressed yet. To address every sub plot I'd be here forever. Okay so here is where the season finale leaves me: Who was in that car? Is Kyle going to be okay? Will Annie get with Ty? Will Dana Sue fall in love? Are Helen and Eric going to be together? Who are Isaac's parents? There's absolutely no question about whether there will be a season 2. I will definitely be tuning in!

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