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Why It's Important To Watch "One Tree Hill" As An Adult

One Tree Hill was my favorite show growing up. It had a lot of twists and turns, it set a standard of what kind of love I want (even though it's fiction), and the kind of writing I want to be witnessing in tv shows. I loved it so much then, as a preteen-teen watching all 9 seasons. I thought that I already knew the show in its entirety just by watching every episode. Years later, re-watching every episode from the beginning has changed that.

As an adult, now watching episode to episode, I am connecting the dots. Now everything comes together. While I faintly remember the endings and the basic plot lines, re-watching was the best decision ever. Not only do I love the show still, and the writing, but now I UNDERSTAND it more. Any One Tree Hill fanatic would probably agree it is worth it to watch and keep re-watching it.

I now understand the Lucas and Peyton love story in full. I understand Keith and Karen's love story, and Nathan and Haley's. Remembering the show, the only love story I cared about was Lucas and Peyton's, but as an adult, I paid attention to each love story differently. I was able to feel the feelings of the characters, and if that is not good writing I don't know what is.

Funny part is, when I was younger watching it, the time jump after their high school days ruined it for me. I always wondered why they'd "ruin" the show like that. Now, I find it perfect. Time jumping after college to their adult lives was a really smart and unique move for the series. They did it well. Also, I found I was able to relate more to their experiences as adults than high schoolers.

I also love how the writers took their time to create all of these love stories where two people are just simply meant to be because of their history or other factors that make them the "right" couple. One Tree Hill was fairly taken care of by the writers, that don't get enough credit. They created this fake world where so much love, lust, heart, soul, success and more, could take place in this one small town.

As an adult it also hurts more when you deal with the reality the show shows you about death, unexplainable ones at that. People get killed and people die of health complications, but in the end, the show presents a very real way to deal with grief. You can see people talking to their loved ones by visiting their tombstones. Grief was not lost on the writers; they did a great job in showing that you never forget them and you never stop thinking about them no matter what, and that resonated with me.

Another note is showing the very gradual emergence of friendships and the struggle to maintain them after betrayal. It is very real; the rawness that you see in the forgiveness that takes place is just so amazing. It makes you love the cast even more for their portrayal. It is realistic because friends go through things but if they are strong enough they get past it all.

In re-watching, I have learned what I needed to know about the characters to understand the plotline fully. It is one of the greatest shows that had a great run. 9 seasons and I'm hoping that there will be a reboot in the future (that doesn't kill the show). I can dream, right?

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