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Listen To Yourself First

Hey guys I know it has been awhile but I'm back to create more content! I'm here to discuss the most important person in your life- you! At the end of the day the only person who can really make you happy, succeed, stay healthy, and get things done, is you. You probably hear this often but it is straight truth- you cannot fill someone else's cup until you fill yours- love yourself before entering into any kind of partnership.

If your partnership is your job, you need to take care of your mental health in order to be able to complete your work. Now, if your "engine" is on empty, not only will your quality of work diminish, but your health will be in danger. Think of heart attacks, anxiety/panic attacks, migraines, and any other dangerous sickness. If you cannot function, this partnership doesn't work for you.

If you are in a friendship with someone but you don't reach out when you need help or just to talk, the friendship fails. It is a two-way street, but sometimes you have to be 80/20. If 80/20 persists though, the friendship fails. This kind of partnership will fail because you are not loving yourself if the 80/20 is too consistent. Sometimes friendships fizzle out and the partnership in general fails.

Lastly, I'm sure you have all heard the relationship spiel, if you don't love yourself you will not be in a successful relationship. Why? When your self love is not there, you'll allow yourself to be treated every which way. If you don't walk in knowing your worth, you will be walked on. You will never fully be loved until you are someone you can see being fully loved, if that makes sense.

You are a piece of work. It will take your whole life and experiences to understand yourself, but it is important that you know that you and your needs come before all your partnerships. At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable with yourself and its entirety in order to have truly successful relationships. Pour their cup, but don't spill yours in the process!

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