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Work On You, For You

The best glow ups are the internal ones. People always talk about weight loss journeys but what about that transition from child to adult ? That is a stretch of time where you become who you are meant to be and really understand how you want to live. Some people don't get that experience because they get distracted by not wanting to be alone.

In my opinion, I feel you need to learn to be alone, not because you don't want to be lonely, but you need to know how to function outside of your friendships and relationships. Never rely on others for general things like decisions that only affect you. If you don't get that precious time to grow up, life feels much harder than it should.

From 24-25(now) I've been fully on my own. I had ALOT of growth. I navigated taking care of my own space with nobody telling me what to do: a freedom that came into my life. I developed a system with everything from cleaning to cooking, basic chores and self care of course. But I needed/need that time to transition into a fully functional person.

1 year changes a lot of things. You can be in a different space mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so on from the beginning to the end of the year. To say I have changed, I don't know if I'd call it that. I. JUST. GREW. UP. I'm learning every day what the best thing to do is for myself.

There is power in self control. There is power in finding out what makes you you and exploring the answer. There is power in creating a life for yourself that you are proud of. Now, transitioning from a kid, nobody tells you, is truly painful. You have to all of a sudden one day make your own doctor's appointments, send out your own resume and job applications, make your own meals, and in general be responsible in a way you never were before.

When you learn how to be responsible you become ready to take on the world. Self discipline is a learned skill. Nobody is perfect but things like having responsibilities and working help you have a lot of it. It is important to always have a goal that you are working towards; it gives you a reason to do the things that you do. Focus on a goal and all the hard work will feel worth it.

Like said, work on you for you. Become your own best friend, mentor, roommate, and teacher. Life is hard enough, so the least you can do is make sure you are not adding to the hardness. Make your life easier and listen to yourself when you need a break too, because you don't want to be a robot and burn yourself out. Listen to your needs. Make the goal to be better for you and nobody else! Be the adult you wanted to be as a kid and more!

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