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Writing Tips:

  • Always write from the heart. (If you're not happy with it, why should someone else be?)

  • Get excited. (Are you passionate about it? Can the readers learn something from your piece?)

  • Learn how to organize your thoughts. (A paper is just a combination of ideas expressed in a specific order you come up with)

  • Start now, not later. (Procrastination doesn't get things done, it just increases your anxiety about the actual task)

  • Writer's Block is officially an excuse. (Research. Research. Research. Repeat; if it's a personal piece try writing for 5 minutes straight - any thought that comes to mind. This is equivalent to putting gas in a car, except it's your brain's engine.)

  • Read something inspirational; whether it be an article, part of a book, an old essay you wrote, or just some quotes on your topic. (As Stephen King said in his memoir "Memoir of the Craft" that I read many years ago, in order to write well, you have to read and write a lot. )

  • Get in the zone. (Use any tactics to get you focused; maybe its your favorite podcast on repeat or your favorite playlist, get yourself going!)

  • Read your work out loud, to yourself or others. (Hearing how it sounds is different than how it reads sometimes. Also, if you choose to read it to someone, they can give you some feedback.)

  • Have fun! (If you allow yourself to enjoy the process, the result will be exponentially better! Think of it as a new chance to discuss a particular topic and learn about it, or learn about yourself. Just go with it!)

                                                                                              -Jane Verdel



                                                                                   Copyright (c) Jane Verdel

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